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OVA: Galactic Rangers — Session 1

Player Characters

  • Strazin Kostra, tigerman Galactic Ranger!

  • Yin, a shapechanging Galactic Ranger!

Strazin fights Gary from Accounting (who looks like a humanoid dragon), his boss, on his first day at work! {This was just a training exercise.} He defeats him in one blow! But Gary says “You may have beaten me, but Cheryl from HR is the real challenge…” (Dun dun dun!)

Gary sends us out after four criminal bosses: the Turtle does protection, the Tiger does gambling, the Bird does illegal information gathering and trading, and the Dragon does drugs.

We decide to go after the Bird later. We'd have go off planet to the satellite controlling space station around the planet of the bird people. On paper it is a telecommunication booster, but he uses it to steal data. Anyway, he's the hardest to approach, and we need somebody smart, which is not playing to either of our strengths.

We need to gather hard evidence of crimes, so they can be put away for ever.

We decide to go after the Tiger. We are going to a casino with associated brothel, Alpha Blue, under cover. We are offered a hit of a mild (and legal) drug at registration.

{Drugs are not illegal unless really special: moon sugar, super cocaine, etc. Crimes: illegal pit fighting where people die, contests where people are expected to die, etc.}

Yin goes straight to the tables, and breaks even, then gets the feeling there is a disturbance in the force.

Strazin gets a mental image of a guy going back and to the left through a secret passage to one of the arenas. Strazin tells Yin telepathically and they follow the guy to a death match. They've got five guys going over beams over a death drop, and they're betting on who survives. We end up in a lower box with the betters. We've got a martial arts guy, Fister, and Loud Strike, a wanted gun runner, who is also wanted. {We are wired with audio and video.} Fister and Loud Strike are talking about going to the private suite of the Tiger to get the winnings after the match.

The Contestants are: Red & Blue tied for first, then Green & Black tied, and trailing Yellow. Yin and then Strazin bets on Yellow; none of the betters can believe it. Then Strazin uses Psychic to assist Yellow, pushing twice then Green pushed black off in frustration and lost his balance and fell.

We win the jackpot, and Fister and the other guy take us up to the Tigers office, where we see a tiger (not The Tiger), who is very rotund, not at all fit, Fat Tony, who asks if we want blue bucks (the casino money) or to cash it out now. We keep the blue bucks, for later, and when he goes to pays recognizes Yin as infamous across the Galaxy, and a fight breaks out. It turns against us and we flee, Yin uses Shape-Shifter to go down through the vents in the floor and Strazin uses Psychic to read their weapon patterns and to jump out the window and time it to catch the elevator on the way down. Yin says “We will never talk about this!”

We got 2 XP each, and each get a bonus 1 XP, for meta reasons.

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