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B.B.'s Fudge Bunnies & Burrows Game, Session 1


I'm guessing at who attended (although I know B.B. was definitely there) based on player names printed on the character sheets, but they may or may not have played in this session. I think they did, because I wrote something “They did manage to gather some vegetables as they fled.” in my original notes.

  • T.K.B. — GM

  • B.B. — Chamomile, a bunny

  • C.B. — Nimble, a bunny

  • P.B. —

Actual Play

I ran the first example adventure from GURPS Bunnies & Burrows, “The Herbmaster's Plea”, p. 94, for my nephew B.B. using Fudge. [1] He successfully rescued Rosin. Ended up in the Orchard on the way to the bean field, after a run-in with the thugs. They did manage to gather some vegetables as they fled. It looks like I named the captain of the Owsla Bayberry.

I think this was the first time I ran a roleplaying game for one of the kids. I ran at least four Fudge Bunnies & Burrows for B.B. and various of the kids and their parents.

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