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B&B: The Missing Kit

This was probably the second RPG session I ran for any of the kids. It carries on from the session B.B., and probably C.B. and P.B., played. As before, it uses Steffan O'Sullivan's Fudge Bunnies example characters, and the farm from the adventure “The Herbmaster's Plea”, which starts on page 94 of GURPS Bunnies & Burrows and uses the farm map from page 97. My notes are very sketchy, not even including who played.


  • T.K.B. — GM

  • B.B. — a bunny

  • T.A. — maybe; watching us play?

Actual Play

A mother is wailing about her missing kit.

My original notes, transcribed:

Bunny kit (Buttercup) is missing — last seen on the east side of the warren. Violet is mom.

Cat in barn — Cleverness: Fair; Self Control: Good; Notice Things: Good; Nose: Mediocre; Agility: Superb; Strength: Great; Fitness: Good; Speed: Great; Move Quietly: Superb; Combat: Good.

Cottonmouth by River — Agility: Good; Strength: Great; Fitness: Good; Speed: Mediocre. Poison, then wait for struggle to end.

Pair of Foxes — Agility: Good, Bite: Great; Strength: Great (+2)

Track kit to creek, cross before swamp, cross back at east side of duck pond, picked up by human child, kit put in cage in hayloft (loose hay), cat above grain box by ladder/steps to loft, cage latched & up on wall.

Followed human tracks (boy picked up the kit) to the barn & are about to go in looking for the kit.

Everything down to the next-to-last paragraph is my spur-of-the-moment setup for the adventure, while the last paragraph is the report of what actually happened during the session.

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