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Tomb of the Iron God, Session #1

We had a little bit of time to play, but not all our usual players were available, so we rolled up Swords & Wizardry characters, and started down into the Tomb of the Iron God.


  • T.K.B., the Dungeon Master

  • M.B., playing (with T.K.B.'s help) - Red Gorm, a human fighter

  • M.A., playing - Bub, a male human cleric, soon surnamed the Naked for skinny dipping - Cedric, a male human fighter

  • T.A., playing - Nameless, a male human magic-user - Wolfgar, a male human fighter

  • E.A., playing - Errin' (as in erring), a female human fighter with a 3 INT - Bob-Jo, a female human magic user

Bathing and Blood

E.A. had fun playing an immensely strong character with no sense at all, clearing the steps down to the first level with ease, but taking no care to avoid her comrades when flinging the boulders up out of the stairs.

They were suitably creeped by out the goblin head in the entrance room, but eventually moved on through the door to the left, and entered the first room. There M.A. decided he was going to bathe in the fountain, and stripped down to nothing and splashed about. The splashing and the resultant argument attracted the attention of a couple of striges resting in a large crack up near the ceiling, and before it was over Bub was jumping around in combat naked and and Nameless was down to 1 hit point.

After that Bub got back into his clothes and armor.

And that was all we had time for that afternoon. Everybody seemed to have fun.

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