Lacking Natural Simplicity

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The Gray Goblin Warrens, Part 1


  • T.K.B., the Labyrinth Lord

  • M.A., playing Niall, a cleric

  • L.B., playing Caramel, a halfling

  • T.A., playing Angrim, and Elf


This was another short session, and since one of the regular players was missing (E.A.) I decided to run something other than B2.

Attempt #1

S, SE branch, to room S, attacked by Living Statues. Eventually fled, jumping and pulling Caramel up, and back to town.

Attempt #2

S, W to S, to G, when attacked retreated to passage, then ran through to SW branch, killed 2 goblins, then killed the 2 goblins from other side who came up behind. Loot: 14 cp, 9 cp, 12 cp, 4 maces, 2 crossbows, 4 scale armor.

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