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4e, Session #1: Goblins and Villagers

4e, Session #1: Goblins and Villagers


2021-08-09 11:59:34

This is an actual play report from our 4e Dungeons and Dragons campaign. These actual play reports are available in html from T.K.B.'s blog.


Clockwise round the table, starting with the DM at 12 o'clock:

  • M.A.F. as DM

  • P.D.F. playing Kelvish, the arrogant Eladrin wizard, and acting as scribe.

  • T.K.B. playing Grimnir, the reckless dwarf fighter.

  • B.MC. playing Wrathgar, the dragonborn paladin.

  • C.A.H. playing Angore, the indispensable human [¿is that right?] cleric.

J.H. was unable to attend, alas.


Since J.H. was unable to attend, and our regular campaign was at a point where all the characters needed to be there, we switched and played an alternate game, starting with the adventure from the 4e D&D Roleplaying Game Starter Set.

Actual Play

Encounter 1: killed 2 goblins: 2 black blades. 10 cp, 40 gp. Found map of village (Harken) with Cliff's Brewery circled.

Encounter 2: killed 2 fire beetles and several goblins, spent most of our time in a cloud, wedged the door shut, and fled.

Interlude: Got the villagers all set up in the rundown stockade, ready for the goblin assault. Bad guys left during the night.

Encounter 3: Loot the ancient evil tomb! Jar of healing potions, 5 doses. Long sword +1, evil. Studded, ceremonial high priest of demon.


In after game discussion we decided that, although most of the concerns we'd had about 4e were valid, we still had fun, and would look forward to continuing this as a campaign when our regular 3.5 D&D campaign couldn't run.

We each got +800 XP.

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