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Savage Worlds: Lost Property

Late in the afternoon the kids wanted to play an RPG again, so I pulled out one of Triple Ace Games's Ace Tales, Lost Property. TAG's Ace Tales are their equivalent of PEG's One Sheet Adventures: a short adventure in PDF that fits on the front and back of one sheet, often with accompanying pre-generated characters. This particular one is a generic fantasy adventure that has the players working for a criminal syndicate trying to recover an item.

There weren't any pregens for this particular Ace Tale, so I got the ones from PEG's Wizards & Warriors Genre Supplement and the ones from Against the Orcs and let the players choose which they wanted. T.B. brought along a fantasy character he had created, a noble, and D.B. chose Sir Leopold Drakehelm, so we had two nobles working for a criminal syndicate, so I decided that they had to be disgraced nobles.


Clockwise, starting with the GM:

  • T.K.B. — GM

  • E.A. — Aspen Thistledown

  • T.A. — Sir Deelan the Ignoble [1]

  • M.A. — Alfros Bladesinger

  • D.B. — Sir Leopold Drakehelm (later played by T.A. after D.B. had to leave)

  • L.B. — Belinda Warmhearted

Actual Play

An unsanctioned thief, Jeck Lightfinger, had fled with his ill-gotten gains into The Widow's Hold, a local haunted house. The characters were charged with finding Jeck.

They entered the ill-omened house and soon found the entrance to the tunnels below. They were soon ambushed by ghouls (in this scenario a type of undead), but fought them off. When the last ghoul fled, Sir Leopald

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