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Turkey Day Toon

L.B. decided she wanted to play Toon so much that she was willing to be the Animator and run the game for the kids; She came up the idea of a holiday-themed adventure and pre-generated characters, and I helped her with some of the game system details. She came up with a scenario: a premise, a list of locations, and obstacles at each.


Clockwise starting with the Animator:

  • L.B. — the Animator

  • E.A. — Rachel Rabbit

  • M.A. — Pete Pig

  • T.A. — Chris the Chicken

  • T.K.B. & D.B. — Pat the Pilgrim

Actual Play

E.A., M.A., and T.A. came over to play Thanksgiving morning to play before heading next door to the holiday meal at Grandma's.

Not long after we started D.B. arrived, looking for his cousins, and since we were playing, I bowed out and handed Pat the Pilgrim over to Dan.

The kids all seemed to be having fun, and L.B. said she enjoyed running the game, although she did say that playing was more fun.

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