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WVHTCF 50 Fathoms, Session #4: Razorwings, Giant Octopus, and Octopons

WVHTCF 50 Fathoms, Session #4: Razorwings, Giant Octopus, and Octopons




2021-08-09 12:02:25

This is an actual play report from the Savage Worlds 50 Fathoms plot point campaign from Pinnacle Entertainment Games. These actual play reports are available in html from T.K.B.'s blog.


Clockwise round the table, starting with the GM:

  • T.K.B. — GM

  • B.MC. — playing Azrulektos, a Kraken warrior/wizard

  • C.A.H. — playing Karl Kroc, a Masaquani treasure hunter and navigator

  • M.A.H. — playing Moorumah, a charming but rather dim Grael


Session report kindly provided by M.A.H., and lightly edited.

Actual Play

We have $3663 and a Letter of Marque, which allows us to attack pirates and get a percentage of the value of the ship and cargo. We paid the Letter of Marque, and then headed out 4 days out to Knells rock and 4 days back. Before heading out, we go to our stash first. Azerlectos notices that around the chest on the floor of the ocean are a bunch of dead fish men. Kahena like to eat Doreen. We loaded up on food and headed back to Baltimore. We received a total of $1800 profit.

Mooramuh was trying to see if there are any pirate ships, and there were some observed in the Sea of Pirates in the area ast of Balkus and Calib's rock. We filled up one cargo space with provisions, which cost $500. We decide to go to the third island from the South in the Whip Islands. Before we go, we buy one canon for $200, which takes up one cargo space, plus ammunition and grapeshot. We end up buying 10 grapeshot, 10 chainshot, and 200 shot for a total of $300.

Off to the Whip Islands Again

Then, we are attacked by swarms of bird-like creatures. [Razor Wings] We defeat these swarms, but some crew members are lost. John Smith has perished, and Caras also died. The dead were buried at sea. After some expert navigation from Karl, we arrive at the island, where we search for treasure. We do find treasure, worth $80, plus gold and silver items worth $1000. We also find a very ornate short sword which is obviously not just an ordinary short sword.

Octopus Pie!

Then, Azrulektos notices a snake-like creature coming out of the ocean towards us. Actually, it's huge, and there's more than 1. It turns out to be an octopus. Yay! We defeat the octopus and make calimari. We then descend down into the dark, watery pit from which it came... Octopii travel backwards, with their tentacles first, and then their head wth the eye following behind.

Octopon Caves

We encounter a large tunnel that splits into smaller tunnels. One of the smaller tunnels opens up into a 20-30 yard wide chamber, with part of the chamber being above water. There are a lot of ledges here, some above and some below water. Lots of mermen statues are here, some with swords and some unarmed. We conjecture that this is some sort of gathering place for a cult that worships the octopus. Then, on one of the ledges, we spy a small golden glint. The glint turns out to be a small, golden triangle.

In addition to the several ledges, there are a large number of tunnels leading from the chamber. We also see a throne at the far end of the gloomy chamber.

Mooramuh goes to investigate the throne. She sits on the throne and commands all creatures to follow her and bow before her. Then, something grabs her from the murky water below and pulls her underwater. A large battle begins, with mermen creatures coming up from tunnels seen and unseen. They party takes refuge on the throne ledge, and then Trix finds a secret passage behind the throne.

Riches and Wounds, Not In That Order

We retreat into the secret passage, with some brave members of the party retreating last to cover the others' departures. Then, we proceed with great haste to flee the island. We escape to the boat, with 8 of the mermen in close pursuit. Azruleektos loses the use of one arm from having been seriously injured by fire and acid in the underground chamber. We finally make it back to the boat, with only a few Klingons.

M.A.H. gets a benny next session for shuffling.

Everyone gets 3 experience points, and everyone gets an advancement since we all passed 10 experience points.


Each PC each got +3 XP.

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