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Dyson's Delve, Session #2


Clockwise, starting with the Dungeon Master

  • T.K.B. — Dungeon Master

  • L.B. — Gloriana, a vain knight errant (fighter) who grew up as a woodsman

  • M.A. — Zoric, a superstitious oracle (cleric) who grew up as a woodsman

  • T.A. — Elric, an superstitious student of ancient lore (elf) who grew up as a street urchin

  • E.A. — Emma Lee, a gluttonous guard (fighter) who grew up as a woodsman


Started in room #6. To room #7, to room #1, to room #2. Rats attack Elric & Gloriana, a few rounds later the ferrets from #3 join in, attacking Zoric & Emma Lee, who end up unconscious. Gloriana throws bacon over ferrets, who run after it and eat. Elric and Gloriana pick up their friends and flee back north, but ferrets run around and trap them in the narrow corridors. Gloriana killed one behind, which blocked tunnel, while Elric fell against the other. Gloriana sacrificed her shield and helmet to turn 2 death blows and finally killed the 2nd ferret. Gloriana again was the only PC left standing, and she dragged the other PCs back to room #6. While pulling the last PC back to room #6 she ran into a wandering monster, a hobgoblin, which she killed. They stayed in the locked room, slowly healing up, and left the dungeon on the evening of day 4, and arrived back in town before dawn on day 5. They healed up and went shopping.

Total loot: 131 gp 1 ep each.

Elric left Zoric's lantern burning in the rat's passage, but Gloriana bought a new one for Zoric.

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