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Dyson's Delve, Session #4


Clockwise, starting with the Dungeon Master

  • T.K.B. — Dungeon Master

  • L.B. —

    • Gloriana, a vain knight errant (fighter) who grew up as a woodsman

    • Emma Lee, a gluttonous guard (fighter) who grew up as a woodsman (E.A. was away, so L.B. played Emma Lee.)

  • T.A. — Elric, an superstitious student of ancient lore (elf) who grew up as a street urchin

  • M.A. — Zoric, a superstitious oracle (cleric) who grew up as a woodsman


To room #1, kill 7 rats, look around, to room #2, 7 goblins wander in, Zoric to #1 and falls on his back, breaking 5 of the 10 oil flasks in his backpack. Elric cuts him out of his backpack, pulls him back, and sets the oil ablaze with his torch. Goblins have to fight around flame, only 2 at a time, and are defeated eventually, leaving the party to struggle back to town for four more days of rest. They head back to the dungeon, to room #7 via room #1. On to room #8, room #11, room #9, room #10a, room #11. Emma Lee and Elric are down and unconscious, but Zoric turns the skeletons. Back to town. They rest three days and go shopping on the next day. The chain mail they found is a relic of the Old Kingdom.

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