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Dyson's Delve, Session #3


Clockwise, starting with the Dungeon Master

  • T.K.B. — Dungeon Master

  • L.B. —

    • Gloriana, a vain knight errant (fighter) who grew up as a woodsman

    • Emma Lee, a gluttonous guard (fighter) who grew up as a woodsman (E.A. was away, so L.B. played Emma Lee.)

  • M.A. — Zoric, a superstitious oracle (cleric) who grew up as a woodsman

  • T.A. — Elric, an superstitious student of ancient lore (elf) who grew up as a street urchin


Stairwell smelled of oil (Elric & Zoric made their saves). Elric threw his torch down the stairs, got a 20, and the torch bounced down around the stairs setting the oil and timber the goblins had filled the stairs with on fire. The heat and fire collapsed the hole leading down to the stairs. After searching around some more, Emma Lee found a trail leading to the cave entrance that lead to room #1. Gloriana killed the giant ferret. They make a plan to deal with the rat nest they know is in room #2: Emma Lee and Gloriana will stand at the east side of room #1 with bows ready while Elric and Zoric go into room #2 to throw oil at the rats and light it. Zoric's oil flask bounces off the back of an attacking rat & did not break. Rats wounded Zoric and he fell unconscious, and 5 of his 7 remaining oil flasks broke between his plate armor and the stone floor. Elric grabbed Zoric and started dragging him back and threw the torch, their only light, onto the pool of oil, setting it ablaze, and thereby catching the 3 rats attacking them on fire. This maddened the rates and they charged after Elric and brought him down. Emma Lee and Gloriana loose arrows, but Emma Lee's bowstring breaks. Gloriana kills the last rat by the dim light of the burning oil pool around the corner and the weakened sunlight filtering through the dense thicket and down the entrance tunnel. Zoric and Elric are both unconscious but alive. Back to town for four more days of recuperation.

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