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Idol of the Orcs, Session #8

This session lasted from 3 pm to 5:30 pm.


Clockwise round the table, starting with the Labyrinth Lord:

  • T.A. — Labyrinth Lord

  • T.K.B.

    • Orm, a human Cleric of Thor. HP 5, AC 3. (red lego base)

    • Skeggi, a human Cleric of Vidar. HP 6, AC 4 (3 with shield). (blue lego base)

    • Also played L.B.'s Avarey, a male Half-Elf Cleric. (light green lego base)

  • M.A.

    • Gustavio, a male Gnome Magic User. HP 4, AC 5. (green lego base)

    • Karl, a male Dwarf. HP 4, AC 6. (yellow lego base)

  • E.A.

    • Semiriah, an Elf Ranger. HP 3, AC 5 (4 with shield). (sparkly pink lego base)

    • Maury, a human Thief. HP 5, AC 6. (tan lego base)

    • Also played L.B.'s Sallee Marie, a female Halfing Fighter. (light blue lego base)

House Rules

A Critical Hit happens on a natural twenty on an attack roll, and damage is doubled.

There isn't a Critical Misses rule, but sometimes on a natural one on an attack roll something embarrassing and funny but usually non-damaging happens.

Actual Play

Went back to 3rd level. K, S, Za, Ro, Av, Ga popped (teleported away by a trap). Semi & Av force open door into corridor. Pop, Pop. Find corpse behind: Semiriah and Karl find 270 gp, 2 gems worth 150 gp each. Non-poppers encounter a monster — a giant centipede. Kill it in one round with 22 points of damage — it had 2 HP. Lots more popping. 3 corpses at I: 300 gp, 140 sp, & dagger. Room with pews and altar and ash - clerics uneasy — dark powers here. Altar has: dagger, potion, ring, scroll, short sword, 25 gems, necklace. Avery casts Detect Evil: nothing on the altar glows, pews don't, but altar and ash glow eveil. Pick up potion with rope on pole, sweep other stuff into bag on pole with another pole. Door slams shut, Avarey and Skeggi and Karl and Gustavio make saves vs. Spellsl and everybody else fails. Those who failed see the entire chamber turn to flames and takes one point of damage, then a second point of damage. Four of us broke down the door and we all fled. Back to town.

Gustavio uses Detect Magic on the items: dagger from corpse is +1 (to Gustavio), dagger from alter is +1 (to Semiriah), potion (polymorph), ring (silver, magic, unknown, to Karl), scroll (unknown), short sword +1, +2 vs. spell casters (to Maurey).

Gems: 8×100 gp, 2×150 gp, 5×250 gp, 7×300 gp. Necklace: 800 gp.



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