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WVHTCF Necessary Evil, Session #14: Success and Inevitable Betrayal

WVHTCF Necessary Evil, Session #14: Success and Inevitable Betrayal


2012-09-29 17:00:30


2021-08-09 10:51:25


Clockwise round the table, starting with the GM:

  • M.A.H. — GM

  • C.A.H. — playing Force Caster

  • T.K.B. — playing Raum, a vaguely demonic creature.

  • I.MC. — playing Mauler.

  • B.MC. — playing Stygian Veil.


This week we were joined by I.MC. in his first ever roleplaying game session!

Actual Play

We got a call on the communicator — Mauler, a friend of Stygian Veil from the old days, has been an undercover spy, and has heard they took the superhero Champion. and converted him to V'Sori. Mauler has been looking for him, but hasn't found him, but has heard that he might be activated from the satellite and that his old pals have a mission to the satellite.

Anvil is Mind Controlled.

It takes four hours to get to the satellite. We have 6 fusion missiles and 3 sonic torpedoes for our Manta. Anvil's authority codes are a couple of weeks old but should still work.

Quillik will pose as Anvil's bodyguard and will carry us through the scanner in one of our traveling vials in his mount.

We head out to sea underwater for five miles, then surface and head up towards space. In the atmosphere, a V'Sori man of war questions us. Anvil knows that the satellite we're heading towards is Satellite 15 and bluffs. They decide they'll escort us through the fighting. After two hours we're through most of the fighting and the man of war sends us the rest of the way with an escort. In part thanks to the escort's presence we're cleared to enter the satellite docks despite be unscheduled. Once they figure out it is Anvil on board they're very respectful.

Quillik sets off a partial alarm when he passes through the regular scanner. After a quick explanation from Anvil that Quillik had been injured in a recent fight with Earthlings [???] the guards go get a hand scanner and it goes off around Quillik's mouth. The guards ask him to open his mouth, which he does, but the vial carrying us pops out and falls to the floor in front of the guards.

We get out and one Super Fin uses Force Control (Maneuverable) on us. Mauler wounds him. Anvil flees to a corner and waves his arms about futilely and wibbles, as commanded by Stygian Veil using Mind Control. Quillik and Force Caster attack back, but do not succeed. Some of us recognize the Super Fin as DeNeg, [¿¿¿Spelling???] once a superhero in the old days. DeNeg uses Force Control (Bind) on Raum, who breaks it by becoming intangible. Mauler attacks DeNeg, hitting for 22 damage. War Spheres are heard approaching and Mauler throws DeNeg into War Spheres, destroying one. Force Caster does suppressive fire against the War Spheres, shaking several.

[¿¿¿Who was the other Super Fin??? I remember it was a villain. How did we kill him???]

Stygian Veil hears noises from the control center. Mauler rushes in and smashes a War Sphere so hard he spins and falls down afterward. Force Caster moves in and sees Pyros, who looks half-V'Sori and part zombie. Force Caster kills Pyros. Stygian Veil sends the “broadcast drone self destruct” command from a terminal in the control center. A warning message is issued: “broadcast drone self destruct — Champion ultimatum enabled.”

We find 4 technicians, and escape pod blasts off; it has life signs. We convince the remaining 4 technicians to enter another escape pod and we sabotage the reactor core then leave in our Manta.

In the last ½ hour of our journey back to Earth we see Champion — the strongest super hero of the leading super team before the invasion — chasing our Manta. He had been blasted by the V'Sori during the invasion and thought dead by most, but it turns out he had been converted to a V'Sori and set up as a deadman trap. He hits our ship, wrecking it, and then comes back to peel it open to attack us. Raum hits him. Force Caster hits him with a gun and then his power, and kills him! We get shrunk and let Force Caster fly us down to Earth. The battle left us right over Star City. Our ship lands in Northpoint, on SoCorp (the elite V'Sori police and Mind Control force) headquarters and destroys it.

V'Sori ships are retreating as Force Caster flies us down to near our old hideout, since we don't want to attract attention to the new hideout. Someone tries to Mind Control Force Caster, and when we land Dr. D appears with Neptune Guard and says:

“Repent! Come over to me, or die!”


Each PC each got +5 XP.

M.A.H. was planning that we'd have the big battle with Dr. D next time (which should finish the campaign) and then we'd have one-shots until January, when M.A.H. will run a D&D 4e campaign.

However, the players were talking and decided they wanted at least one more episode so everybody could level before the big fight with Dr. D, perhaps as a flashback, and M.A.H. said she'd see what she could do.

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