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AFF1e: Dungeoneer Adventure II: Revenge of the Sorcerer, Part 2


Clockwise, starting with the Director:

  • T.K.B. — Director

  • T.A. — Grimbold Tornhelm, Alexa Wolfrica (L.B. wasn't here)

  • M.A. — Gordo Brondwyn, Aspen Darkfire (E.A. wasn't here)

Actual Play

They explored the tunnel the centipede came out of, and took the 5 tridents in the nest at the end, in want of some better loot. Headed back to the main tunnel and continued on. They were soon captured by the Fish People, who tied them up and marched them off toward a wizard! After a while they came to an open area, held up by pillars, and the Fish Men seemed to get very nervous. A white light appeared in the open area, and the Fish Men all screamed and ran off, dropping the characters' possessions.

The white light gradually resolved into a ghost, who seemed pleasant enough, and introduced himself as Sargon. Eventually the PCs made a deal with Sargon to bring him a magic Crystal of Power that the Fish Men were keeping in the Temple of Hydana, in return for which Sargon would tell them how to defeat Xorton Throg. They snuck into the temple through a secret door Sargon told them about and killed the Fish Men priest who was there before he could alert the guards. They took the Crystal and a magic sword that was also on the altar. They searched the room and found a secret door that lead to stairs that lead up to a tavern. They found out it was the Mermaid Tavern, and then escaped back down into the cellar followed by a bouncer, but escaped down the hidden trap door before he reached the cellar, and he didn't follow them. They continued down the stairs to the temple. They returned to Sargon.

The Crystal returned Sargon to life and he told them how to find and defeat Xorton Throg by getting him to throw a powerful spell at them and reverse it onto him by bringing out the crystal. He also restored the magic sword to good condition. They followed his advice and killed Xorton Throg, after killing some skeletons and a skeletal tyransaurous. They got 300 GP each loot and 4 swords each from the remains of the skeleton army.

They returned to Nicodemus and gave the Crystal to him, then slipped out of Port Blacksand and back to Salamonis, where the king rewarded them with 500 GP each.


They each got 3 XP.

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