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T.A.'s PotSM: The Lady's Favor


We played “The Lady's Favor”, the adventure from the back of the Pirates of the Spanish Main book, so if you haven't played that you might want to skip this entry.


  • T.A. — GameMaster

  • T.K.B. — Capt. Jack Savage, Rowena Blackwood

Actual Play

The PCs rescued Virginia Cotton from rowdy pirates. (+1 Fame) They escorted her to the Royal Crown Tavern. Her contact, Knox (???), told her that her dad Jebidiah was a pirate, to her shock, and that he'd buried a pirate treasure then got captured, and is being held captive at the house of Baron Pettigrew. When Virginia tells him that she knows nothing of the treasure, he grabs her and tells his two thugs to attack. We manage to down Knox and one of the thugs and the other flees. We take their weapons and leave.

We decide to sneak into Pettigrew's mansion. Virginia suggests we have our ship ready to go, so Capt. Jack gives the orders. We went to the mansion after dark and snuck up to the back door. Sneak into the kitchen, dining room, through the hall past a maid, and found a sleeping guard. We tried to knock the guard out and failed, but intimidated him and tied him up, got the keys from him, opened the door and found Jebidiah. We untied Jebidiah and snuck out with him.

We agreed to split the treasure and headed off in the ship. Jack healed up. We were trailed by another ship, but managed to give them the slip. We arrived at the island, but had to ride out a storm offshore. Then we took a longboat ashore, and dug up the treasure. There were five chests, each containing 500$. We distributed the treasure, one chest each to Jebidiah, Virginia, our crew, Rowena, and Capt. Jack.


+5 XP.

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