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Converting my old log entries to blog entries

I converted my old log entries, which originated from my original Docbook-based website, and were presently part of my static Sphinx-based website, over to my current PyBlosxom blog tonight, using the following script:

#! /usr/bin/env bash
find 200? -type f ! -name \*~ ! -name \*-idx-*.rst |
while read filename
    newname="$(echo $filename | sed 's#/#-#g')"
    date="$(basename $newname .rst)"
    (echo $date; echo "#published $date 00:00:00"; echo "#tags Old Blog";
        cat $filename) >/home/tkb/myblog/entries/oldblog/$newname

I'll have to go through and fix uses of Sphinx-specific RST extensions, and I'll probably add real entry titles as I do so; in the meanwhile, if the blog entry title is a date I haven't updated the entry. I think this was pretty good for a ½ hour's work.

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