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pandoc-discuss post: Can the .RS/.RE macros in ms output be replaced with .QS/.QE?

On March 9, 2020 I made a post on the pandoc-discuss mailing list that explains some changes to pandoc to better handle block quotes in ms output, and a workaround for it until the version with changes comes out, but I forgot to mention it here.

In short, use a pipeline like this:

GNUmakefile.change-RS-RE-to-QS-QE (Source) : %.rst
        pandoc --verbose -r rst -w ms $(PANDOCOPTS) \
                --output=- $< | gsed -e 's/^\.RS$$/.QS/' -e 's/^\.RE$$/.QE/' | \
        pdfroff -ms -mpdfmark -e -t -k -KUTF-8 -i --no-toc-relocation >$@
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