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Dale E. Rippke's Kane Timeline & Reflections on Planned but Unfinished Novels

Dale E. Rippke over at the The Darkstorm Files has a wonderful timeline, Lord of Chaos, of Kane's adventures.

He also has two interesting articles on the planned but unfinished Kane novels, Reflections of a Midnight Sun and Phantasmal Tomes, and another interesting article on the Kane/Elric crossover, Rethinking The Gothic Touch, and a world gazetteer of Kane, The Age of Shattered Empires.

There is a map of Kane's world (pinterest tells me that site is banned because it “leads to spam”) which I gather was drawn after Dale E. Rippke's original, which I can find no trace of on the Internet. I did find his original Kane page on, but sadly none of the linked pages was saved by

And I stumbled over the post Gaming Kane at From The Sorcerer's Skull which gives some information about Kane in Dragon Magazine #26 (June 1979) as a D&D character.

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