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The "Typical Activities" checklist from The Traveller Book and Starter Traveller

I've been looking at Cepheus Engine and I've noticed that there is nothing like the “Typical Activities” checklist that first appeared in The Traveller Book, but which I first encountered in play recently with Starter Traveller. It made a definite impression on me — with this one could improvise a trading session from start to end. I'm not sure yet whether Cepheus Engine supports the completely improvised Traveller adventure talked about on the Tales to Astound blog, but using this with Cepheus Engine would certainly make it easier.

Typical Activities

  1. Arrive in star system.

    1. Scan area for potential danger, problems, and other data.

    2. Set course insystem.

    3. Possible ship encounter.

  2. Local gas giant.

    1. Achieve orbit.

    2. Refuel.

    3. Set course to major world or outsystem.

  3. Local major world.

    1. Achieve orbit.

    2. Proceed to orbital starport (unstreamlined ships) or surface starport (streamlined ships).

    3. Arrival onplanet.

      1. Unload high passengers.

      2. Unload mail.

      3. Unload middle passengers.

      4. Unload cargo.

      5. Unload low passengers.

      6. Conclude low lottery.

    4. Refit and maintenance.

      1. Refuel from starport.

      2. Renew ship life support.

    5. Commodity activity.

      1. Sell speculative cargo.

      2. Buy speculative cargo.

    6. Ship business.

      1. Pay berthing costs.

      2. Pay bank payment.

      3. Pay maintenance fund.

      4. Pay crew salaries.

    7. Miscellaneous activity.

      1. Patron encounters.

      2. Planetary exploration.

      3. Local areas of interest.

      4. Hire new crew members.

    8. Prepare for departure.

      1. Load cargo.

      2. Load low passengers.

      3. Load middle passengers.

      4. Load high passengers.

      5. Load mail.

      6. Collect income for all aspects of current trip.

  4. Departure.

    1. Lift-off.

    2. Achieve orbit.

    3. Set course outsystem.

    4. Possible ship encounter.

    5. Jump.

Note: This list is primarily of interest to merchants. Not all events on this list are explained in this chapter on travelling. Other relevant chapters include Worlds, Encounters, and Trade and Commerce.

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