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Recent Reading: Carter and Page

I've continued reading Lin Carter's Green Star Sword & Planet novels.

  • When the Green Star Calls, by Lin Carter, copyright 1973; DAW Books Number 62.

  • By the Light of the Green Star, by Lin Carter, copyright 1974; DAW Books Number 110.

Both of these are short novels, 176 pages for the first and 175 pages for the second. Both end on cliffhangers. In the first the protagonist and his friends are split into two groups, and they are apart the whole in the second.

I've also continued my Sword & Sorcery reading with Norvell W. Page, who is new to me.

  • Flame Winds, by Norvell W. Page; copyright 1939 by Street and Smith, Inc., copyright 1967 by Conde Nast Publications, Inc.; Berkley Publishing Corp., 1978.

Well, it was no Conan, but it was entertaining!

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