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Recent Reading: Howard and Carter

  • Cthulhu: The Mythos and Kindred Horrors, by Robert E. Howard, copyright 1987 by Ala Key Kuykendall and Alla Ray Morris; Baen Publishing Enterprises; ISBN 0-671-65641-4.

I enjoyed reading these again; it has been many years since I have read them. The racism of the stories set in America is what you'd expect from a person of Howard's era, but understanding that, the other elements of the stories make the book worth reading.

  • By the Light of the Green Star, by Lin Carter, copyright 1974; DAW Books Number 110.

  • As the Green Star Rises, by Lin Carter, copyright 1975; DAW Books; ISBN 0-87997-811-2.

  • In the Green Star's Glow, by Lin Carter, copyright 1976; DAW Books.

It is interesting to note that these were popular enough at the time to go into multiple printings, judging from my copies, all of which are later printings except for the second book, When the Green Star Calls. The Amazon reviews of the books in the series are positive as well.

They are definitely fast, fun, pulpy adventures.

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