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Announcing Minimal OpenD6, an SRD for Mini Six

Anybody interested in an SRD for Mini Six? Since Mini Six is under the Open Game License, I have created one for it, Minimal OpenD6. (It does not include the Product Identity portions, of course.)

If you just want to read the rules I still think the original Mini Six: Bare Bones Edition is a great document, packing so much into a dense but readable layout, so download it for free or get a print copy. However, if you want a custom version of the rules, whether you are producing a completely new game or just want a version of the rules with all your house rules incorporated, this should be a great starting point.

Why start with Minimal OpenD6 instead of of OpenD6? Because you want to start with a minimal core and add things gradually, rather than starting with a very large document and cutting out everything you don’t want! (Different approaches work better for different folks.)

Minimal OpenD6 provides reStructuredText source for the document, as well as simple PDF, HTML, EPUB, Microsoft Word .docx, OpenOffice/LibreOffice .odt, and Markdown output. Conversions to other formats are possible using pandoc or other means.

If you just want the output files without any of the stuff used to build them, look at the releases page in the repository for a zip file.

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