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Mini Six Question: Why are Perdition’s Pilot and Mechanic Identical?

As part of my work making an SRD for Mini Six I was reminded that in the Perdition sample setting the character templates for the Pilot and the Mechanic are identical, which seems odd. Here, take a look:

Mini Six’s Pilot and Mechanic, from the Perdition sample setting

Mini Six’s Pilot and Mechanic, from the Perdition sample setting

Here’s a version of the original Mechanic in text format:

Might 2D+1
Agility 3D+2 — Dodge 5D+1, Pilot 5D+2
Wit 3D+1 — Computer 4D, Navigation 5D+1, Repair 4D+1
Charm 2D+2 — Diplomacy 4D
Static: Dodge 16, Block 7, Parry 7, Soak 7
Perks & Comps: None
Gear: Light Pistol

Anyway, I thought something like this might be better for the Mechanic:

Alternate Mechanic
Might 2D+1
Agility 3D+1 — Dodge 5D, Pilot 4D
Wit 3D+2 — Computer 6D, Navigation 4D+1, Repair 6D+1
Charm 2D+2 — Diplomacy 3D
Perks & Comps: None
Gear: Light Pistol
Static: Dodge 15; Block 7; Parry 7; Soak 7

Still has some skill at Pilot and Navigation, but not as good at those as the Pilot. Better Computer and Repair skills. Probably willing to pick up a pistol and shoot it if really necessary, but also probably no better at it that default, so Pistol isn’t listed.

What do you think?

Interestingly, the Pilot and the Mechanic templates are built on 12D in attributes and 8D+2 in skills, instead of the standard 7D in skills, so I made this alternate version with the same amount. I haven’t checked the other templates. (I’ll probably do that at some point. Rather than do the counting manually, I’ll probably type them up as YAML and feed them through sm6, a program I wrote that counts the costs of all the dice and prints out a summary. I’ve got a couple other programs, sm6rst and sm6troff-ms that can read that same YAML and produce output in reStructuredText or troff (T1, G1) formats, for including in my documents.)

I've also posted this question at a few online forums: the /r/OpenD6 and /r/rpg subreddits, the RPG Pub, and, which I'm listing here so I can be reminded of them.

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