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An Alien Creature for Breachworld

Here's an alien creature that created to have come through a nearby Breach in the Breachworld Adventure Folio #1 - The Big Score for the Breachworld RPG from Jason Richards Publishing when I ran that for my players.

I used The Random Esoteric Creature Generator for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games and Their Modern Simulacra to get inspiration for the creature. It wasn't hard to mung that into something for the Breachworld RPG, which uses Mini Six as the base for its rules. It should be easy to convert to any other OpenD6 game.


The creature is huge, as big as an elephant. It is semi-humanoid, having the head and wings of a immense dragonfly, two pairs of arms, a pair of legs, and a segmented body part coming out of the base of its spine that ends in a long stinger. It has three sets of mandibles for chewing. It is covered by chitinous armor. Its eyes glow blue, and its body is dark red on the head and torso, fading to a lighter red along its extremities.

Scale: +2D: PCs get +2D to hit and +6 to Dodge. It gets +2D to Damage and +6 to soak.
Might 3D — Brawl 5D, Stamina 4D
Agility 3D+1 — Athletics 5D+1, Dodge 5D
Wit 2D
Charm 1D
Static: Dodge 15, Soak 15 (21 vs. Scale +0D)
WL: S:1–3 □ W:4–8 □ SW:4–8 □ I:9–12 □ MW:13–15 □
Move: 15; Flying 25
Natural Armor: +6 Chitin Armor (included in Soak)
Natural Weapons: +2D Mandibles: 5D damage (7D vs. Scale +0D); +1D Stinger: 4D damage (6D vs. Scale +0D) with Poison (Resist with Stamina (or Might) instead of Soak), damage 5D; Successful hit by poison also requires a Moderate (11–15) Stamina check against the searing pain, which results in a penalty of –2D on all actions, in addition to any wounds.
Special Defenses: Resistant to Lightning: ½ damage
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